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Education on Hygiene










In India there is a lot of students dropping out primary and secondary education and seeking vocational training during their adult hood/after marriage to support their family economically. Accordingly, Ratan Foundation is facilitating the training program to the needy approaching the organization. Vocational training is the backbone for each and every one to earn for day to day livelihood. Vocational training for youth is an integral part of social work that we have been doing from the inception. We have now succeeded in strengthening our activities in this field. This is particularly relevant in the context of children/youth that did not have the opportunity to complete their education or learn useful skills for making them profitably self employed and able to stand on their own feet.  

We are conducting Vocational training programmes by the name of Kala Kendra  covering a broad range on following subjects:

• Computer training
• Dress making (Cutting, tailoring & Embroidery)
• Jewelry making,,Board painting,Toys making etc.
• Cooking
• Painting & handicraft
• Mobile Repairing
• Electrical
• Greeting Card Making
• Candle making
• Driving classes.
• TV, Electrical appliance repair and service
• Automobile repair and service



To empower women, Ratan Foundation initiated vocational training program, workshop/capacity building, and education for girl child, scholarship for girl child and many other projects for women and girls. We conduct workshops to address the sensitive issues such as domestic violence, abused & violated rights of women and gender discrimination. We deliver some supportive services like legal aid/advice, medical care, counselling , mediation, reconciliation, resettlement and re-integration.

Education on Hygien 

It has been 10 years, since Ratan Foundation took the initiative towards empowering women and girls by educating them about maintaining hygiene during menstruation periods. In India, many women and girls are facing difficulties and challenges due to ignorance of personal hygiene and lack of awareness about mensuration tract infections. Through our survey in rural and slum areas in India, we gathered the facts that women and girls are not aware of hygiene during their mensuration periods. One fact is also there that sanitary products is not available everywhere or if it is available then they are unable to afford the such high cost. Hence they rely on used cloth pad which they wash and use it again. Moreover, at some places in India, women use pad by filling sand and newspaper to absorb menstrual blood, which is very unhygienic for their health. Hence many of them dealing with bacterial infection of urinary and reproductive tract ensue. The problem of using pads has been extended in such a way that women who are using sanitary pads, are not aware to use it properly and dispose it correctly. We also have been facing the problems while discussing on hygiene during their menstruation periods because most of the women and girls are not open to discuss it with us as they feel very shy while putting their views on it. Women and girls do not have the platform to get the information or discuss such issues.

 We realized that there should be a platform where women and girls should be educated on such important issue related to their life. Hence we came up with an initiative to raise the awareness about hygiene and proper method to use sanitary pads. We have striving an emphasis to use sanitary products in a manner which is safe for their health.



Stop Hunger Now campaign is driven to eliminate hunger through distributing food packets to the neediest, venerable, disadvantaged and under privileged people. We ensure that every person from low income group should access the good quality, nutritious food to reduce the rate of disease and sickness.To end up the Hunger, Ratan Foundation has been serving foods in rural and urban areas for more than 3 years. We have benefited to 3000 people in India by delivering good quality of food.




Health is the most important part of human being for all purpose. In order to promote good health and raise mass awareness about sensitive issue like cancer, Ratan Foundation decided to organize free health checkup camps  to address the issue of cancer among the people who live in unhygienic condition or not aware about the infected disease. Ratan Foundation has been organizing free health checkup and early detection cancer camps in semi urban and rural areas to ensure the health of the women, girls and old age people.

We also organize general health checkup camps for clusters with the help of qualified medical staff. During these health check-up camps we provide medical treatment and medicines on the spot for the beneficiaries. We are also extending care through hospitalization of patients with serious nature disease. We organize the following type of camps:-


  – Mother and child health care (MCH) & family planning camps. – General health check-up camps. – Tuberculosis Awareness camps. – Dental check-up camps. – HIV/AIDS Awareness camps. – Malaria /Dengu awareness camps.  

Medical treatments on emergency for Children are also provided by us. Medical camps and providing free medicines to the needy is also conducted regularly.



We have collective advocates who are serving free legal services to poor and most needy people who are unable to afford the expenses of court procedure and services of advocates. We are determined to protect and secure the rights of the people in order to promote justice.

 We do not provide the legal aid for following causes: 

1. Where person is seeking legal aid on behalf of other not directly.

2. In the matter of defamation, malicious prosecution, contempt of court, perjury etc.

3. Any offence against social laws or Economic offenses.

4. Any Proceeding relating to election.



*Promotion of girl child education.

*Equality in educational opportunity for girls.

*Reduction in girl child school dropout rate.

*Reduce possibilities of CHILD MARRIAGE.

Why Special Focus?

  • To cover and support the genuine children who are left out from Government Schemes or not eligible for Government Schemes. 
  • Economically backward girls between the classes 6th and 8th will be covered under Girls Help scheme.
  • Girls who are financially weak, have a vulnerable family background and are struggle for their basic education.
  • The focus would be on districts which have very low literacy rate for girls.
  • In this project, we sponsor books, school dress, school fees, stationary and transport facilities to the girls who want to study and have set of dreams to be completed. Without any hindrance we have been putting efforts to add wings to the dreams of the girls who have zeal to achieve their goals. Approximately 163 girls have been sponsored so far for their education in Jharkhand and Bihar. In an attempt to sponsor more girls, we are contributing our best efforts to reach out more and more girls.
  • Sponsor a girl child education and make the positive change in her life

 Adult Education

Our organization has attempted to facilitate a program that encourages adult literacy and teachers valuable skills. For example, adults enrolled in the program receive a primary education to understand the vocational requirements of day to day life.



The Agricultural Miracle

India is a country where 70% of the rural population still relies on agriculture for their livelihood. With such a huge number of the population relying on agriculture, it is very important to promote the agricultural sector and bring innovations to it. RATAN FOUNDATION is trying to do just that. With almost more than half billion people of India relying on agriculture, this young NGO is looking for collaborations with Universities, Societies and Government support  to bring about a drastic change in the agricultural sector. The development of this sector not only ensures a healthier economy but also a healthy society.


Ratan Foundation is a non-profit organization with a big heart that is committed to bringing about a paradigm shift to the NGO space through our selfless and sustained service to restore the socially backward community’s dignity.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the globe. Governments are devising solutions that can support humanity prevail through this challenging period. Lockdowns and social distancing have been put in place. The Government of India is playing a crucial role through its efforts to spread awareness and by initiating actions to combat COVID-19. It is equally vital for organizations to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Ratan Foundation has delivered more than 5000 meals and 10,000 mask and sanitizer to the the daily wage workers, Senior citizens ,differently  abled and single parents families to support them with cooked foods and daily rations, vegetables.


Become a Winter Soldier

Winters are a tough time. With temperatures dropping drastically and the added chill in the winds, survival becomes harsh especially for the needy and homeless. Every year hundreds of people become a victim of this phenomenon. The bitterness of winter affects a vast majority of population in ways unimaginable to the comforts of our living rooms.

Ratan Foundation takes up the challenge of providing for all these helpless people during the harsh winters. Every winter calls for a blanket donation campaign from this young NGO. We try to reach out to every person in need during winters and provide them with the warm comfort of a blanket. By doing this, we save the lives of hundreds of people shivering in the bitter cold.